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Recently, the reporter went to the Guangzhou Road into Oolong Lake Park and saw a green and black tiles of Chinese traditional architecture , nestled among the trees in a . Square-shaped frame top trimmed with a stone , a letter  » Yan Lu Gongci  » four green Yan style characters, the writer is Tongzhi […]

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Although this action elite crusade good will are complete, but luck did not stand SUI side, successive natural disasters befall Zhezhi SUI head. First Army side heaven heavy rain , causing logistical extremely difficult , army soldiers have enough to eat . Continuous heavy rains also caused the disease in the army spread. Misfortunes never […]

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Ruo hearts sprinkled easy, charter rate , that is I of Yoshiomi , where workers do not repatriated until Yan also ? former imperial practice , Jen letter to the first , there is good will reward , and evil must be punished , within the four seas , with a smell I purpose. Ruo […]

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Since the Korean peninsula into the Three Kingdoms era , these three countries are not the same in the main ethnic groups , no inheritance relationship between each other . Ancient science and technology developed, counterfeiters limited means , the most common is in the wine mixed with water , even when serious water instead […]

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In accordance with the common sense point of view of modern medicine, such a large and concentrated death and castration surgery failures and complications after surgery. Nguyen Hmong children so chose castration, for many reasons, except for the old era of racial inertia reasons, and also a popular Lingnan generation « cheap life » concept about. This […]

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